Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday! And I'm going to bed.

Woah, what a day! It started out pretty well, visiting friends at my former place of employment. Amelia was all smiles and shyness. Then lunch with an awesome friend who is braving the working world as a brand new mommy.

It all went downhill at nap time. Otherwise known today as "fight the toddler for two hours to get a nap and drastically fail" time. This child turns into an angry green monster when she doesn't nap. Really!


And on another note, Claude the kitty is still pretty sick. Blood work came back totally normal, so we have no clue what is wrong. He's just on pain meds at this point. And the Amelia monster decided to torment him this evening with a laundry basket. Poor, poor buddy.

So here it is, Friday night. I'm sure many people are out to dinner, maybe a movie, possibly socializing with friends. Meanwhile, I am going to bed.

And I'm thrilled about it.

Sunshine finally in the forecast this weekend. I'll be ready to start over with a brand new sunny day. TGIF!!!
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