Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do I Dare? And will I survive?

OK, ladies. Help me out here. The no-nap situation is getting worse and worse. Amelia is pushing me too far... almost over the edge. So here goes. I can't believe I'm about to ask this...

Should I throw in the towel and let her give up naps?

I know several kiddos who gave up their naps around this age. Amelia's own cousin stopped napping at 18 months. To me, this sounds horrific. But am I pushing naps on her simply to suit my own needs?

She's still the little green monster when she's tired. But she's even more of a monster - I'd say a purple polka-dot one - when she refuses her nap. I'm talking about screaming, crying, throwing things, banging on the crib. I do not indulge these behaviors. I leave her alone to put on her drama act for 30+ minutes. Until I'm nearly suffering a heart attack. Until I'm so frazzled I'm considering running far, far away for the rest of the week. Until she's worked herself up so much she's nearly in a panic.

Some days, she naps like a champ. 2+ hours of calming silence. But the no-nap fight is getting more and more consistent. Maybe it's time for me to just accept my fate.

If you're currently thinking, "no way! don't give up naps, are you crazy?", then I have a question myself. HOW?

Do I only make her nap when she is willing?

Let her pitch a fit for 2 hours?

Search the world for a fairy who can give me sleepy dust?

Spike her milk with Benadryl? (kidding... don't call the authorities)

I'm at a complete loss here. And my overachiever personality is not handling this well. I can't deal with ignorance. And boy, do I feel like a dummy right now. I can't outwit a kid who isn't even two yet?

Apparently not.

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